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Sagrada Familia: Barcelona

Visitors to Barcelona would not like to miss one of its main attractions, the Sagrada Familia basilica, a magnificent Roman catholic church. This architectural wonder is the brainchild of one of Spain's most famous architects, Antoni Gaudi. However, Gaudi died before completion of the project and the church still remains unfinished, though work on it is still in progress.

Design: Funding for the initial project was through contributions by people of the city of Barcelona and the inspiration for it came from a local bookseller who had traveled to the Vatican City and wished to have an equally impressive cathedral in his own native city. Antoni Gaudi began the work in 1883 but events like the Spanish Civil War interrupted the construction.

Currently a UNESCO World Heritage site, the cathedral's original plan envisages a magnificent set of 18 towering spires, of which only eight have been completed at present. Once it is fully complete, this will be the tallest church on earth! The facade of the building is filled with intricate sculptures of the Holy Family and events from the life of Jesus. The vast interiors of the church are supported by numerous intricately carved porphyry columns and present a wonderful example of Gaudi's art nouveau style. The facades that have been finished represent Nativity, Passion and Glory of Christ and the three entrances to the basilica represent Faith, Hope and Love. Gaudi visualized these as various symbols in the Christian faith and his work is presently being carried out by contemporary architects from all over the world.

Tourist attraction: At present only certain parts of the church are open to the public. The church was consecrated in 2010 and a magnificent organ has been donated by the Spanish Royal family who were present for the first mass here. The crypt, nave and two of the towers are accessible by elevator and spiral staircases. There is also a good museum and a souvenir shop on the premises. The church though unfinished, is regularly used for services. All revenue collected from tourism goes towards completion of the building, as it is not funded by any government agency or even the church.

Though the Sagrada Familia has had contrasting reviews from architects and tourists from all over the world, with some of them finding it strange and whimsical, ugly or beautiful, amazing or spiritual, it has become one of the most enduring symbols of Barcelona and no visit to this city would be complete without a tour of the Sagrada Familia.

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Spain: El Hierro

The tiniest of the Canary Islands, this autonomous community of Spain is home to a population of just 10,000 people, but is fast becoming one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world. For travelers who are passionate about exploring natural environments, this is indeed a paradise. With its mysterious caves, volcanoes, juniper and pine forests and wild and unspoiled mountain country, El Hierro is a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve and more than half its territory is protected for the rare flora, fauna, geographical and cultural features.

The southern part of the island and the El Pinar region is renowned for its magnificent pine forests and this area provides opportunities for amazing hiking trips, scenic drives and trekking expeditions. Cycling and biking options are also available along the mountain tracks. As you move out of the pine and juniper forests, you arrive in La Restinga, the island's tourism hub. The erstwhile serene fishing-village is now one of the best-known scuba-diving locations and marine reserves in the country. Located along the shores of the beautiful Mar de las Calmas or Calm Ocean, the warm volcanic waters are the habitat of several species of marine life. The sleepy little town is great for a peaceful and relaxed vacation spent lounging on the beach, eating tapas at one of the local restaurants and taking long walks. There is not much in terms of excitement or night-life but for these, you can always take a ferry to one of the other islands.

The capital of El Hierro, Valverde is a peaceful and placid city, set amidst very attractive natural landscapes. Situated on a mountain-top, this is the only Canary Islands capital that is not located on a sea-coast. However, the beach is never far away on this tiny island and from Valverde, you can access a number of quiet beaches like Timijiraque, El Tamaduste, Charco Manso or La Playas. Some of these beaches are very pretty, with black volcanic sand and they offer comfortable accommodation and restaurants serving local delicacies. Valverde also offers great photo opportunities, with its pretty white-washed houses nestling on the mountain-slopes, narrow twisting streets and the beautiful Santa Maria Church with magnificent Genoese sculptures.

The northern part of the island is richly endowed with natural vegetation and has some interesting old settlements of the original inhabitants of the island. There is also an important religious festival held in Moncanal every four years which offers glimpses into the island's cultural and historical traditions.

If you're looking for a Spanish holiday that's unique, serene and relaxed, far from the tourist traps, El Hierro is the perfect choice.

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Spain: Fuerteventura

If you're dreading the chilly winter climate in the holiday season, a great option would be to head for the Canary Islands where you can celebrate a warm and sunny Christmas and New Year for a change!

This archipelago off the North Coast of Spain, close to the African coast, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for visitors from Europe and the UK, attracting nearly 12 million visitors annually. The year-round sunshine amounting to nearly 3000 hours annually, the gorgeous golden and volcanic-sand beaches, warm and clear blue ocean and the relaxed atmosphere combine to provide that holiday of a life-time, whether you're a single traveler, a couple or you're with the entire family.

Fuerteventura is one of the larger islands among the Canaries and though it has the best of facilities for tourists, it has still managed to remain unspoiled. The coastline offers some great surfing, while the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the habitat of a wonderful variety of marine life, including whales, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, marlin and sea-turtles. The Gran Tarajal Fishing Open Championships are held here annually. This area is also known for its great deep-sea fishing expeditions and whale-watching excursions. The deep shelf off the land-mass is ideal for diving and there are several internationally-certified diving schools here. Kite-surfing and wind-sailing are other exciting water-sports available.

As in the rest of Spain, March is the Carnival Month and September is the festival of its patron saint, the Virgin de la Pena. The idol dating back to the 15th century is carried out in procession accompanied by traditional musicians and dancers all dressed in their local costumes. For music-lovers, there are year-round performances of Canarian music and dance and also shows by local rock bands.

The capital city, Pueblo del Rosario has a beautiful natural harbor, pretty winding alleyways and streets and is also home to many museums and universities. There is a huge sculpture park located here with great displays by famous artists, and it hosts an annual live sculpture art event.

The Corralejo or stark sand-dunes in the north are contrasted with the gentle sandy beaches in the south of the island. Local cuisine consists of a variety of fresh seafood, goat meat and cheeses and cooked in pimento oil.

An interesting feature here would be the displays of local martial arts and Canarian wrestling. Native games like boules, cycling, motocross, dirt-rallies and other activities are also available. Fuerteventura has several star resorts, luxury hotels and also budget accommodation.

If you're looking for a holiday that will satisfy the entire family, Fuerteventura is a great option!

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World’s Most-Visited Tourist Attractions

According to the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization, France is the most visited country of the world, following by USA, China and Spain. Attractions are aplenty in these top tourist destinations in the world, which are also home to the world’s most-visited tourist attractions.

Most-Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

Times Square in New York City

Attracting millions of tourists throughout the year, New York City’s Times Square is touted to be the most-visited tourist attraction in the world. Dotted with cafes and stores, the bustling square of the busiest US city is a great place to experience the cosmopolitan culture of New York.

Central Park in New York City

The lush greenery in Manhattan surrounded by the city’s skyscrapers draws a large number of tourists. The Belvedere Castle, zoo and horse-drawn carriage rides are the popular attractions of the most popular park of New York.

Las Vegas Strip

To the south of the city of Las Vegas, the 6.8 km long Las Vegas Strip is home to the finest casinos, hotels, skyscrapers and restaurants. Renowned for its infamous sensuous nightlife, Las Vegas Strip is one of the world’s key tourist attractions.

Niagara Falls

Every year millions of tourists visit Ontario in Canada to witness the might of the fascinating Niagara waterfalls.

Disney World in Orlando

The Magic Kingdom of Orlando’s Disney World is the most popular theme park in the world. Adorned with fairytale castles, exciting rides and other interesting recreational facilities, it is admired by children and adults alike.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The bustling medieval marketplace of Istanbul dotted with shops selling Byzantine-style jewelries, carpets and numerous other items is the leading destination for bargain shopping.  

Disneyland in Tokyo

The marvelous theme park of Tokyo with its lovely architecture and interesting rides draws numerous visitors each year.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

The gorgeous Gothic cathedral of Paris is one of the best examples of impressive medieval European architecture. Notre Dame de Paris boasts of a marvelous façade and a breathtakingly beautiful interior.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

The expansive greenery on the coast of the Pacific captivates millions of tourists. Home to rhododendron forest, Japanese tea garden, museums, playgrounds and numerous plants, it is a slice of paradise in San Francisco.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Adjacent Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City is the former residence of the Chinese royals. Adorned with gardens, pavilions and lavish halls, it is one of the most-visited attractions in the world.

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Horse-Riding Holidays in Spain

If you're a reasonably competent rider and love the idea of traveling through Spain in the traditional way that was the norm centuries ago then a riding holiday is for you! Legends of the Knight of La Mancha Don Quixote, and the famous Andalucian horses that were owned by the royalty of Europe, all form a wonderful historical and cultural context to the horse-riding holidays that are offered by many travel and tour operators throughout Spain.

The warm temperate climate and the relatively arid weather, wonderful terrain that ranges from mountain trails to coastal landscapes, the leisurely pace of life in the pretty countryside villages and the rural setting away from the big touristy towns all make this an ideal holiday.

One of the typical horse-riding holiday providers is located near the Poqueira Valley, close to Granada and Malaga, in one of the highest horse-stable locations in Europe, on the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This spectacular range is known for its stunning scenery and wealth of flora and fauna and also the thousands of traditional horse-riding trails that criss-cross the area. 

Visitors are usually picked up from Malaga airport and transported to the accommodation. This may consist of small countryside inns or rural hotels which are clean and comfortable. Food includes the wonderful local produce, fresh vegetables and fruits, wines, cheeses and desserts. On most days, picnic lunches will be provided to the riders.

Since the terrain may vary from steep climbs and narrow mountain paths to sharp descents and stony tracks, the riders must be familiar with controlling and leading their horses and competent enough to handle these types of situations. Their own levels of fitness should also be excellent, as this is quite a strenuous and adventurous holiday.

Some other popular options are the weekend horse-riding holiday, which incorporates a weekend of riding into a conventional one-week holiday either on the Costa de la Luz or other coastal area. This means that those in your family or group who would prefer to lounge on the beach and relax can do so, while the riding enthusiasts take off on their trip. This kind of vacation is great for meeting like-minded people, make new friends and also experience the typical lifestyle in many rural places and villages in Spain.

Another typical holiday would be based in the coastal city of Barbate, where the non-riders in your group or family can enjoy the luxuries of the beach and relax in the resort or hotel. The riding trip takes the participants through the magnificent landscapes of the nearby forests with stops to visit the ancient historical monuments on the way like the Mecca Tower or the view over the ancient town of Trafalgar where the English sea-lord Nelson was killed. The views on a clear day are wonderful and extend all the way to the coast of North Africa. Galloping and cantering on the beach are truly exhilarating!

For those who love the idea of spending a riding holiday, Spain is the perfect choice!

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Sightseeing Experiences In Ronda

Sightseeing in Ronda is always a great idea. There are so many places to get to see and so many things to do. It is a place that has so much to offer that you will be able to get the kind of holiday that you have always wanted. The best thing about Ronda is the fact that it is very magical. Your very presence is enough to make you feel great and it is a unique and beautiful place with all the necessary facilities. It is a great way to spend a holiday. You can have an unbelievably exciting holiday in the area.

There are many places that you can visit in the area. It is an area that actually gave inspiration to many past writers such as Hemmingway, Gustavo Dore as well as Rainer Maria. It is an impressive place that humbles all people. There are many civilizations that have been in the town, thus making the history something that is very interesting. The legacy has been kept safely over the years and passed down the generations so as to provide something of the past even to the newer generations that are found in the area. This has also brought the town into the limelight on the international platform.

There are some findings from the prehistoric eras that have been found in the region. There is much early history retold here. Of great importance is Cueva De La Pileat which is a cave having unbelievable paintings on the walls. Dolmen de Chopo is also an interesting place.

The roman epochs still stand to date in the region. There was a settlement called Acinipo whose remains can still be seen today. There is also an amphitheater that has been conserved in the area for a long time.

There are also remains of the Moorish settlers. Ronda held great importance to the Muslim Spain as it was a great center. There are Arabian baths as well as a palace in miniature. It is a great conservation of architecture of the Nazari. The history of the building is quite deep and you will see some things that have a Phoenician origin in the area.

Re-conquest epochs are also widespread throughout the region. One is a monastery called Santa Maria. There used to be a mosque here belonging to the Moorish people in the past.  Ronda has many historic epochs but it has a good deal of modern works too. It is a wonderful holiday destination.

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Sightseeing In The City Of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most charming cities in all of Spain that has the most modernistic tendencies. It is a great place for all kinds of holidays including beach holidays that attract all kinds of sun seekers from all over the world. There are many places in Barcelona that you should really take time to visit as they will be very rewarding and according to the kind of experience that you are looking to achieve, it is very easy to make a perfect holiday package in the area.

Sightseeing in Barcelona is one of the most interesting things that you may choose to engage in while in the region. One of the places to visit is Barrio Gotico also known as the gothic centre. It is a very old part of the city and definitely very interesting. There is a square here called Sant Jaume that was a formation of the rooms. There are other fortifications as well as remains that one can see here. Placa Nova portal is one of the interesting things that you will be able to see. There are also other areas that used to be palaces. One of these is used as the town hall.

Here you will also be able to see the mountain called Taber. On the very top, there stands a mill house. Before the Romans got here, there used to be a settlement of tribes from Iberia. The location is Called Paradis.

There is also Plaza del Rei where you will find a cathedral made in gothic times as well as several palaces that are from the medieval era. All these are interesting places to explore and discover new things as well as learn loads of history.

Another interesting place is Las Ramblas. This is a stretch of about two kilometres and lies in between a port and Plaza de Catalunya. This may be called the heart of Barcelona. Here, there is a mix of many people from all age groups as well as social standings. There are a lot of activities ranging from shoe shines, flower as well as vegetable selling, theatres on the streets, business galleries, nice cafeterias and nice terraces as well as the very best theatres in the city.

There are several very interesting buildings that can be found in Barcelona. One of these is Academia De Sciencias which translates to the academy of science. There is an interesting watch located here that goes back to 1868. Another building is Betlem church made in gothic style as well as a palace called Moya. All areas hold great interest.

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Spain: Cuisine of Andalucia Region

The gastronomy of the Andalucia region in Spain is rich, varied and full of the Mediterranean flavors and influences that characterize this region.

The mild temperate climate, proximity to the coast, wine and olive-growing, meat-curing and wonderful fresh fruits, vegetables and spices, nuts, berries etc, make the cuisine here justly world-famous. Certain products like raisins from Malaga, sherry from Jerez, olive oil from Sierra Sur and asparagus from Cordoba have been given special status in world markets.

Every area in this region has its own special produce like strawberries from Huelva, cucumbers, tomatoes from Almeria, sea-food of Malaga and Barbate, white shrimps of Cadiz, jamon or ham from Jabugo etc. Jaen, Cordoba, Seville and Granada are famous for olive-cultivation while Jerez and Malaga are known for their sherry and sweet wines. Additionally, there are year-round food festivals with different themes displaying the richness and variety of the produce of this region.

Some of the most famous Andalucian delicacies are:

Gazpacho: This world-famous cold soup is best made with Almeira tomatoes and cucumbers and has a medley of freshly chopped vegetables added to it. Served in summer, it is indeed a meal in itself, served with freshly baked bread and olive oil.

Rabo de Torro: Ox-tail stew usually served after one of the violent and exciting bull-fights in Malaga, and it contains meat from the bulls that were killed in the ring.

Huevos a la Flamenco: Baked omelette made from slices of chorizo sausage, ham, vegetables like tomatoes, onions or peppers and eggs, this is served in many tapas bars as well. It is a famous dish of Seville.

Pescaito frito: This fried fish dish is one of the most popular dishes in Andalucia, especially Cadiz. It is available all over the region in various forms, depending on the kind of seafood that's used. All kinds of marine food like anemones, oysters, squid and octopus are used. The seafood is dredged in chick-pea flour, salt and spices and deep fried in olive oil.

Tortilla a patatas: A thick omelette made from eggs and mashed potatoes, this is a dish that's served all over the region, with fried bread, peppers and various sauces. In many road-side eateries, you can get these tortillas served between slices of thick country-made bread and it is served with fried mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and mayonnaise.

Sweets: The desserts here are rich and elaborate. Some of the famous sweets are Pestinos or almond pastry dipped in local honey, wine doughnuts, mantecado (tiny sweet biscuit) marzipan, turron (nougat) and a host of fruit based desserts. The region is also a famous orange-growing area so these fruits are incorporated in many sweets here.

Cheeses: Though Andalucia is not noted for its special cheeses, it does have some delicious goat and sheep's milk cheeses which are served in tapas bars and after meals.

For food-lovers and those who enjoy a taste of Spanish cuisine, Anadalucia is indeed a gastronomic feast!

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Excursions in the area of ronda.

There is much to look forward to as you head out to Spain. It is an easy country to access depending on which part of the globe you are in. The easiest and fastest mode of transport to Spain is by air. You will be able to get there in good time and even if you are faced with long flights, the ride will be worthwhile.

One of the places that you should consider touring is actually Ronda. It is one of the most charming and fascinating places in all of Spain inspiring the most phenomenal writers that have ever lived. There is great beauty to behold here especially the great bridge that is found here. Ronda is an area where you will have a great time and enjoy holidays to a great extent.

The roads to the area may be long and tiring in some very narrow streets in the mountain areas but in the long run, all you will be able to experience will make you forget so quickly that you would go through it all over again so as to get to experience this. It is an area that is great in its own right.

Ronda magically appears after you finish the ride and it unfolds in such great splendour that you will be dazed. It is an area that you have to go to for explorations by all means. Some of the most scenic places on earth are located here and your time will not be a dull one at all.

One of the places to visit is Serrania de Ronda. This is actually a mountain range. It is peculiar and very romantic in a way. There are legends about it all round. There are the names that have been retained from early times. This is most especially from the times when people used to be robbed by Bandoleros. The landscape is something to take in today but it is very secure.

Hoya de Malaga is at Serrania de Ronda border. It is near Hoya Malaga. It is a green valley that is totally outstanding in beauty. There is a village here that dominates the region. The peaks of the mountains are snow caped creating contrast that is incredible.

Pizarra is the location of Hollander Museum. Here you will find great collections from Andalusia especially of rustic and art works. The displays are in a country house from 18th century. Do not miss out on all this.

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Features to behold while in cadiz

Cadiz is a very important town in Spain. It is very ancient and has a lot of sights to offer anyone who loves to explore and have a great time. There is a lot to achieve in the area and you will actually be able to see and experience different things here. The set ups are quite fascinating. The fact that Cadiz has some of the nicest beach areas as well as some ancient buildings and features is what makes the area tick. It is also what has made it such a popular destination today. Cadiz is an area where you can expect only the very best and with proper planning and research about the area, you will be able to achieve a lot when you are on holiday in the region.

An area of great interest is the Cadiz museum. Here you will be able to see exhibitions like never before. It is located on a plaza called Mina and has three sections. The sections are ethnography, art as well as archaeology. There are remains of Romans and Phoenicians on the ground floor. The sarcophagi are totally amazing.

Casa Del Obispo is a very amazing archaeological site. There are remains from many periods. They cover the Phoenicians as well as the Punic periods. They also cover eras up to the 18th century.

There is the Roman Theater from the first century before Christ. It is a very large one in the whole of Spain. Only some parts of it are visible today as a city was built over the original location. The theater material was used to build some of the features such as the houses.

There is the outstanding Roman Aqueduct that was used to supply the whole city with water from Tempul. The water source was quite far from Cadiz, up to some 70 kilometers. The aqueducts remains are still seen in this area. You may see them at Plaza of Blas Infante.

There are some spectacular remains of a factory belonging to the Romans. It dates to the first century before Christ. Salted fish was produced here. There is evidence that the place used to be a very economically stable area due to the trade. To see Roman necropolis remains, visit Columbarios Romano. Here, you will find an audio visual presentation where you may learn about the funeral cults of Rome.

There are many churches as well as monuments in Cadiz that tell a wealth of history. It is a place ideal for all history lovers as well as people who love to explore.

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Spain Hotels - Cheap Deals

With accommodations catering to different budgets scattered across the country, Spain is a popular destination for budget vacation in Europe. However, the low rate does not come at the cost of quality. Even the cheap bed and breakfast accommodations of the country assure guests of quality services.

Spain is the second-most visited country in Europe. Apart from its popular cities, the coastal area, islands, countryside and mountainous regions attract large tourist traffic every year. A significant number of visitors to the fascinating country are budget travelers. Hence, there is a huge demand for budget accommodations throughout Spain.

Cheap Hotels in Spain

If you are searching for an affordable bed and breakfast accommodation in Spain, head to one of the one or two star hotels of the country. Location usually does not matter when it comes to the hotel rate. The rate is primarily determined by the quality of service and facilities. Therefore, there are subtle differences in the rates of hotels offering similar amenities and services at the heart of a large city and nestled in a coastal town. Economy hotels are easily available in the major Spanish cities. Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao are home to a wide range of affordable accommodations. The Spanish Costas, the most popular holiday destinations of the country, are packed with budget hotels. Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol and Costa Dorada are dotted with cheap hotels. Budget hotels are usually concentrated around the popular seaside resorts. Some are located inland and in the historic towns. The archipelagoes of Spain, the Balearic and the Canary Islands, have numerous one and two star rated hotels. Hence, regardless of your destination in Spain, you can easily locate an appropriate hotel at a reasonable rate.

Tourist Season
Hotel rates tend to soar during the high tourist season. Spain, especially its coast and islands, attract maximum visitors during the summer months. From June to September is the peak tourist season in Spain. The rates also rise during the fiestas when tourists flock to the towns and villages where the festivals are hosted. However, during the low season, the rates tend to plummet. Few hundred euros can be saved by visiting the country during the low season.

Book in Advance
Exciting deals can be availed by booking in advance. To attract guests, even the upscale three and four-star hotels of Spain offer large discounts when rooms are booked in advance.

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Spain Top Cities and Popular Travel Destinations

With abundant attractions scattered across the country, Spain is one of the leading travel destinations of Europe. From around the world, people flock to this fascinating country to view its gorgeous architecture, enjoy the warmth of the sun on its scenic coast and experience the splendour of Spanish culture.

The Spanish cities adorned with monuments, gardens and bustling squares attract a large number of tourists every year. The modern infrastructures of the Spanish cities enhance the comfort of a pleasurable vacation.

Popular City Destinations in Spain

The capital city of Catalonia on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea is the most-visited Spanish city. The medieval structures of the historic quarter of Barcelona blend harmoniously with the avant-garde architecture of the modern city. The architectural attractions of the city include the Barcelona Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral and Casa Mila La Pedrera House. Barcelona is home to outstanding art museums including the Picasso Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and National Art Museum of Catalonia. The marina, urban beaches and golf courses are popular attraction of Barcelona.

The capital of Spain is home to gorgeous palaces, numerous museums, bustling squares and lush parks. The Royal Palace of Madrid with its opulent interior and luxurious gardens is the top attraction of the city. The Almudena Cathedral, the Opera House and the squares with Baroque and neoclassical elements add to the grandeur of Madrid. The Prado Museum, Reina Sofia National Art Centre and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum boast of vast collections of artworks of Spanish artists.

Capital of the province of the same name, Valencia is one of the oldest cities of Spain on the coast of the Mediterranean. Boasting of magnificent architecture, lovely beaches and outstanding local cuisine, it attracts a large number of tourists, especially during the summer months. The top attractions of Valencia include the Valencia Cathedral, Silk Exchange, Valencia Regional Government Palace and El Miguelete Tower. A gastronomic hub of Spain, the restaurants of the city are known for their delicious paella and seafood dishes.

The capital of Andalusia, Seville is one of the prominent centres of Moorish architecture in Spain. The Seville Cathedral, Royal Alcazar of Seville, La Giralda tower and Torre del Oro tower are among the top attractions of the city. Seville is also home to the finest tapas bars of Spain. In this popular hub of flamenco culture, do not miss watching the flamenco performances performed by the top flamenco performers of the city.

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Spanish Holiday in Captivating Cordoba

Cordoba is a modern city with a splendid past. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the thousand-year old historic quarter of the city displays the splendour of the Moors who embellished Cordoba with gorgeous palaces and buildings. A cultural tour in Cordoba will take you to the wonderful historical and archaeological sites of the historic city.

Cordoba is also a popular cultural and entertainment centre of Andalusia. Not to be missed the lively Flamenco performances, the main attraction of the cultural scene of Cordoba.

Attractions of Holiday in Cordoba

Explore the Historic Quarter
Under the Islamic Caliphate, Cordoba flourished as a centre of art, architecture and learning. The splendour of medieval Cordoba is preserved in its historic quarter. The key highlight of the old city is the Great Mosque-Cathedral. One of the finest in the Islamic world, the mosque is noted for its lavish prayer hall comprising of a forest of columns. After its conversion into a Cathedral following the Reconquest, several Christian elements were added to the Moorish structure. Nonetheless, the Great Mosque-Cathedral has retained its Islamic features that have been blended harmoniously with the Baroque and Plateresque elements.

Cordoba had a sizeable Jewish population during the middle ages. The Jewish quarter of Cordoba with its narrow streets with whitewashed buildings adorned with grilles and tiles is a short walk from the Great Mosque. The Synagogue is a major attraction of the Jewish Quarter.

The Alcazar Fortress, the residence of the catholic monarchs in Cordoba after the Reconquest, is another attractive monument of Cordoba. The palace-fortress later became the Inquisition headquarter of Spain. Apart from the gorgeous palace, it is worth exploring the luxurious garden surrounding.
Visit the Museums
Museums are scattered across Cordoba. The Archaeology Museum housed in a Renaissance palace displays artifacts recovered from the ancient sites of Cordoba. The Diocesan Museum of Fine Arts, the Fine Arts Museum, Julio Romero de Torres Museum and Patios Museum are popular destinations of art aficionados in Cordoba. The Bullfighting Museum provides an insight into the bullfighting tradition of Andalusia.

Gastronomic Tour
The old quarter of Cordoba is home to some of the finest tapas bars of the city. A number of fine dining restaurants are located in the city centre where you can sample local as well as international delicacies. Apart from the traditional Spanish dishes, the major gastronomic specialties of Andalusia worth trying in Cordoba include cured meats, stews, fish and cheese. 

There are ample scope for activities such as hiking, paragliding and climbing in the nature parks in the province of Cordoba.

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Special Offers of Spain Accommodation

With accommodations suitable for different budgets dotting Spain, appropriate accommodations are easily available throughout the country. To attract visitors to the stunning country, exciting holiday deals are available throughout the year. The special offers enable travelers to rent even upscale holiday rentals of the country at an affordable rate.

With abundant attractions, scattered across the country, you can choose any part of Spain as your holiday destination. Spain will overwhelm you with its gorgeous palaces, magnificent cathedrals, stunning avant-garde constructions, luxurious gardens and scenic art museums. The idyllic coast, picturesque countryside and charming mountains enhance the natural attraction of Spain. Attractive discounts offered by the Spanish hotels allow vacationers to explore this fascinating country without breaking the bank.   

Special Offers in Paradors
Spain is dotted with palaces, castles and monasteries. A number of these lavish buildings have been converted into luxury hotels or paradors. Located in some of the scenic corners of the country, usually in medieval towns and villages, paradors offer at least three star facilities. Thanks to the attractive holiday deals, staying in a parador is a luxury that can be afforded in Spain. Special offers are not limited to the low tourist seasons. They are available almost throughout the year. Special discounts are available for the young adults as well as for the elderly travelers.

Special Offers in Hotels
Attractive holiday deals are also offered by the plush modern hotels of the country. The chic boutique hotels as well as the large four and five star accommodations offer exciting holiday packages that include discounts on accommodation rate, food and beverage. Guests in the lavish Spanish hotels may access leisure and recreational facilities of the hotel and even enjoy refreshing spa and beauty treatment at discounted rates.

Discounts in Holiday Homes
Villas, cottages and apartments are readily available in all parts of Spain. These self-catering holiday accommodations are preferred by numerous visitors. Discounts on rentals are available, especially during the low tourist season.

Conditions for Offers
To avail the special offers, certain conditions need to be fulfilled. To take the advantage of the exciting deals, you must book your accommodation in advance. Most hotels and villas require guests to stay at least for a few days. Frequently discounts on rates are offered to guests who book their accommodation online or through travel agents. To stay in a luxurious accommodation at the price of a budget hotel be prepared to visit Spain during off-season, especially during winter.

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Spain Toledo Tourist Attractions

Toledo, 68 km to the southwest of Madrid, is a fascinating Spanish city. While the large cities and towns of Spain boast of flashy contemporary lifestyle, this historic city has carefully restored the past of historic Spain. Considered as one of the treasures of Spain, Toledo is the perfect place to discover Mediaeval Spain.

Perched on top of a hill on the bank of the Tagus River, Toledo has harmoniously amalgamated the Jewish, Christian and Moorish heritage of Spain. The architecture of the historic city displays Roman and Gothic styles, a legacy of medieval Spain. With donkeys more common than automobiles on the roads of the historic city, Toledo has an enchanting rustic charm.

Popular Toledo Tourist Attractions

The most prominent attraction of Toledo, the Cathedral is one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Spain. As it took over two centuries to construct the cathedral, the architecture has incorporated diverse styles that evolved during the construction period. The ornate interior adorned with sculptures is among the finest works of sculptors of medieval Spain. The important attractions in the cathedral include a 15th century ostensorium made with gold brought to Spain by Columbus from the New World and works of Narcisco Tome, Goya and El Greco. The cathedral also has a souvenir shop from where you can buy lovely ceramic items.

Museo de Santa Cruz
This art and sculpture museum of Toledo has some of the best works of El Greco, Ribera and Goya. In addition to the artworks of the famous Spanish artists, the museum boasts of a huge collection of ornate antique artifacts and furnishings.

El Greco Museum
Located in the historic Jewish quarter of Toledo, Casa y Museo de El Greco is an art museum dedicated to the famous Spanish artist of the 16th century El Greco. Not to be missed is the living room and the kitchen decorated with authentic furnishings.

Monsterio de San Juan de los Teyes
The 16th century church, built to celebrate the victory of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella over the Portuguese, is one of the major religious sites of Toledo. Located to the west of the historic quarter of Toledo, the architecture of the church has conglomerated Spanish, Gothic and Flemish elements.

Sinagoga de Santa Maria La Blanca
A 12th century synagogue constructed by the Jews of the city was later converted into a Christian church. In this ornamental church, you can see most of the original features of the ancient synagogue.

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Spain Top Cities and Popular Travel Destinations

The large cities of Spain are popular travel destinations of the country. Their gorgeous architecture, luxurious gardens and vibrant cultural circuit draw travelers from all corners of the world to the lavish Spanish cities.

The top cities of Spain are divided into a historic quarter, home to historical monuments and religious sites, and the cosmopolitan modern city area popular among business travelers, shopaholics and night owls. Boasting of excellent urban infrastructure, the Spanish cities are perfect destinations for pleasurable vacations.

Top City Destinations in Spain

The capital of Spain is one of the bustling cities of the country. The historic quarter of the city reflects the historical importance of Madrid during the 16th and 17th century. The Plaza Mayor, a public square in the historic centre, is the site of the gorgeous palaces and buildings. The 17th century Royal Palace with its Classical and Baroque elements, the Opera House and the Almudena Cathedral are the key attractions of the square. With art galleries and museums scattered across the city, Madrid is a popular destination of art aficionados. The Prado Museum, Reina Sofia National Art Centre and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum are the most-visited art museums of the city. Taking a break from the hectic sightseeing tour, you can relax in one of the scenic parks of the city.

One of the most attractive cities of Spain, Barcelona is a centre of Catalan art and architecture. In the capital city of Catalonia, tradition blends with modernism, creating one of the fascinating cities worth exploring. Located on the Mediterranean coastline of Spain, Barcelona is home to lovely urban beaches. A cultural tour of the city will take you to the Barcelona Cathedral, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and National Art Museum of Catalonia. Not to be missed is the delectable Catalonian cuisine served in the cafes and restaurants of the city.

Home to magnificent historic monuments and avant-garde buildings, Valencia has harmoniously combined the cultural tradition of Spain with its contemporary cosmopolitan lifestyle. Valencia Cathedral, Silk Exchange, Santa Catalina Church and Tower, El Miguelete Tower and San Miguel de los Reyes Monastery are the symbols of Valencia’s rich past. The city offers a lovely beach area. Leisure and recreational facilities are scattered across Valencia.

Steeped in history, Seville in Andalusia is the best place for discovering the Moorish past of Spain. Seville Cathedral, Torre del Oro Tower, La Giralda Tower and Royal Alcazar of Seville are the key attractions of the city.

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Spanish Dancer Costume

Dance is an important part of the vibrant Spanish culture. A cultural tour to Spain remains incomplete without watching a lively Spanish dance performance. Spanish dance conjures images of men and women stomping their feet to the lively tunes of Spanish guitars. Although, flamenco is the most popular dance form of Spain, there are a number of other attractive traditional dance styles such as Sardana, Zambra, Bolero, Jota Aragonesa, Muneira and Sevillana.

Spanish Dance
Flamenco originated in southern Spain in Andalusia. The dance form inspired by the lively gypsy dance has incorporated elements from Greek, Roman, Moorish and Jewish cultures. Flamenco dance as we today is a rich blend of the different cultures that came together to form the rich cultural scene of Spain.

Spanish Dancer Costume

Dance Clothes
Ankle length dresses with frills is the traditional costume of female flamenco dancers. Male flamenco dancers wear pants and shirts or suits. In Flamenco Nuevo, a contemporary flamenco dance style, female dancers wear smooth jersey dresses to emphasize their bodyline and men often dance bare-chested. Props such as shawls, fans and castanets are frequently used in traditional flamenco dance, but rarely are they used in the modern dance form.

The traditional Spanish dance costume has evolved into elegant designer dancing dresses. The conventional flamenco costumes are usually long body suites or skirts that fit perfectly to the body with ruffles at the lower end and V-neck blouses with elbow length sleeves. Sleeveless layered long dresses with open back are popular among modern female flamenco dancers. Red, different shades of blue, black, brown, burgundy and violet are the most popular colors of the elegant flamenco dancing dresses. To ensure perfect fit, the dancing dresses are hand crafted. It may take up to four weeks to design a perfect Spanish dancing costume. The skirt with godet panel usually comes with elastic waistband that fit tightly to the hip. Long dresses with straps are simple functional costumes for flamenco dancers. The necklines vary. There are dancing skirts with square or V-shaped neckline.

Shawls are an important constituent of Spanish dance costume. Silk fringe shawls and embroidered silk shawls are frequently wrapped over the tops or blouses.

Shoes and Accessories
Appropriate shoes and accessories are needed to complement the Spanish dancer’s costume. The classic flamenco shoes are leather shoes with wooden heel, strap, buckle and anti-slip rubber half sole. Accessories include medium or long earrings, ornamental combs, necklaces, brooches and flamenco flowers.

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Summer Vacations in Costa Blanca

With almost 200 km long Mediterranean coastline, Costa Blanca is a popular destination for summer vacation in Spain. One of the touristiest areas in Spain, the White Coast offers plenty of summertime recreational facilities.

With people from allover Europe flocking to the Mediterranean coast of Spain to beat the summer heat, the beaches of Costa Blanca are crowded with tourists during high summer. If you have not booked your accommodation before leaving for your summer vacation in Costa Blanca, finding an appropriate accommodation in one of the popular resorts, villas or hotels can be quite difficult.

Costa Blanca extends from Valencia in the north to Torrevieja in the south. Most of the tourist facilities are concentrated in the stunning coastal cities of Alicante, Altea, Denia, Calpe, Javea and Torrevieja.  This region of Spain boasts of some of the finest beaches of the Mediterranean.

Best Costa Blanca Beaches
The golden sandy beaches of Costa Blanca are perfect for relaxing in loungers under the shade of parasols. The beaches of the coastal cities are quite crowded on holidays. For a romantic escapade, consider visiting the secluded beaches in the outskirts of the cities. The sandy beaches of Denia and Alicante are popular among families. Calpe is dotted with scenic beaches. The beaches to the north of Denia are aptly suited for families with children. 

Water Sports in Costa Blanca
Summer is the best time to become active on the Mediterranean beaches. The clear azure water and the beautiful climate of Costa Blanca are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing and water skiing. 

Marine Reserves and Nature Parks
The fascinating landscape of Costa Blanca is home to diverse plant and animal species. The rich marine life inhabiting the Mediterranean coast is preserved in the marine reserves of Costa Blanca. The Tabarca Island off the coast of Aicante is a popular marine sanctuary of Costa Blanca. Montgo Mountain Nature Park, Cape La Nao and Cape San Antonio in Javea are prominent nature reserves worth visiting.

With resorts located in scenic properties overlooking lush turfs of golf courses, Costa Blanca is a popular golf holiday destination. Beach vacations are frequently combined with a game of golf in one of the top golf courses in Orihuela, Alicante, Altea or Javea.

Water Parks
To beat the summer heat, head to one of the water parks of Costa Blanca. Aqua parks with multiple recreational activities are located in Torrevieja, Benidorm and Rojales.

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Holiday Rentals at Cities in Spain

The cities of Spain are known for their flashy cosmopolitan lifestyle, magnificent architecture and vibrant nightlife. Visitors to the Spanish cities are overwhelmed by the abundant attractions scattered across the cities. With so much to do and see in the cities of Spain, you will need several days to explore the magnificent cities and experience the bustling city life.

Holiday rentals of different budgets are available in the Spanish cities. There are luxurious five-star hotels for the affluent tourists, budget hotels for affordable vacations, apartments for self-catering holidays and hostels for backpackers and travelers on budget.

Luxurious Hotels
Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Seville and other prominent cities of Spain are dotted with luxurious four and five star rated hotels. The all-inclusive hotels offer an array of luxurious leisure facilities. The rooms are tastefully decorated with modern furnishing. The air-conditioned rooms with heating facility are packed with comfort features. They are equipped with mini-bar, Wi-Fi, TV, telephone and safe. From standard rooms to lavish suites, a variety of accommodations of different budgets is available in the upscale city hotels. Communal swimming pools, restaurants, café, bar, shop and parking areas are present within the hotel premises. The large hotels also have spas and discos.

Cheap Hotels
Quality budget hotels are available in almost every major location. There are numerous quality one to three star rated hotels, where you can enjoy the comforts of an upscale hotel at a reasonable rate. Impeccably decorated with chic furnishing, the hotel rooms are equipped with basic amenities. Communal swimming pool and cafes are available in the budget hotels. Most of the hotels in Spain offer rooms, lift, restaurants and public facilities with disabled access. There are a few pet friendly hotels.

Apartments are ideal holiday rentals for long vacations in the Spanish cities. There are cozy studio apartments as well as lavish apartments with two or more bedrooms. These apartments are adequately furnished with essential furnishing. With fully equipped kitchen, apartments are budget friendly holiday rentals for self-catering holidays. In addition to the basic facilities, several shared facilities are available in large apartment complexes. There are communal pools, health facilities, shops, cafes, library, parking lot and supermarket.

For a luxurious self-catering vacation, numerous holidaymakers prefer the privacy of holiday villas. The attractive holiday homes equipped with an array of basic and luxury amenities are usually located in picturesque holiday areas close to the cities. Villas with pools, gardens and outdoor barbecue areas are popular luxurious retreats in Spain.

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Holiday Rentals in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the popular beach holiday destinations of Spain. A year round destination, the Atlantic Island is home to idyllic beaches and outstanding volcanic landscape. A popular venue for water sports and other leisure activities, the second most populated Canary Island is dotted with hotels, villas and apartments.

The villas and apartments are designed for self-catering vacation. People who want to avoid the hassle of preparing meals can opt for one of the bed and breakfast accommodations of the island. Depending upon your preference you can easily find an appropriate holiday rental in Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas, on the southern edge of Gran Canaria has the highest concentration of hotels, apartments and villas. Home to numerous upscale resorts, it is a leading destination for luxurious vacation. The 17 km long coast on the southern tip of Gran Canaria is dotted with sandy beaches flanked by sand dunes. The shallow water and comfortable climate makes it a popular venue for family vacations. In northeast Gran Canaria, several stunning holiday rentals catering to different budgets are available in the City of Las Palmas. The bustling capital city of Gran Canaria is packed with upscale shops, boutiques, nightclubs, tapas bars, restaurants and other leisure facilities. It is a great place for enjoying beach vacation and the vibrant Spanish city life simultaneously. The former fishing port of Puerto Rico on the southern coast of Gran Canaria is a lively holiday area of Gran Canaria. A number of first class accommodations are located near the beach. A variety of holiday rentals is available in the other parts of Gran Canaria including Tauro, Puerto de Mogan and San Agustin.

Holiday Rentals
Gran Canaria is replete with luxurious hotels and holiday homes. It has a number of 5-star hotels with every conceivable facility. There are a number of luxurious villas located in some of the scenic properties overlooking the coast. Apart from the upscale accommodations, there are numerous budget hotels and bed and breakfast scattered across Gran Canaria.

The upscale hotels and resorts of Gran Canaria offer excellent services and facilities. They feature swimming pools, landscape garden, impeccably decorated lounge, spa, gym, souvenir shop and fabulous restaurants, cafes and bars. A number of leisure options including access to water sport and entertainment facilities are offered by the plush hotels. Away from the crowd of holidaymakers, a large number of travelers prefer the privacy of holiday homes. The luxurious villas boast of a wealth of facilities including impeccably decorated rooms, fully equipped kitchen, infinity swimming pool, lush garden and outdoor barbecue area.

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Features of Holiday Rentals in Tossa de Mar

The tranquil unpolluted coastal environment of the seaside resort of Tossa de Mar attracts travelers for a leisurely vacation. With holiday rentals catering to different budgets and requirement scattered across the beach and the town of Tossa, vacationers can easily find appropriate accommodations at any time of the year.

Tossa de Mar, a resort in southern Costa Brava is almost halfway between Barcelona and the border of France. A short distance from Gerona Airport, the former Catalonian fishing village is currently a bustling beach resort. Tossa de Mar is home to some of the scenic beaches of the wild coast of Spain. Framed by luxurious pinewoods and flanked by secluded coves and rugged cliffs, Tossa de Mar is the perfect destination for a romantic jaunt. The blue flag beach and shallow water in the neighborhood of the walled enclosure of the historic town lure families to the peaceful seaside resort.

Holiday Rentals in Tossa de Mar

From cozy one-bedroom cottage-like villas to large luxurious holiday homes, varied range of villa rentals are available in Tossa de Mar. The beach villas are the most popular destination for couples and families. Equipped with contemporary kitchen and household appliances, guests are assured of hassle-free self-catering holiday in the privacy of the holiday homes. Apart from the beachfront villas, a number of attractive villas are located in the rustic setting of the village. Only a short walk from the beach, they offer a range of luxury and leisure facilities. Villa rentals in Tossa de Mar vary according to facilities. The luxurious holiday homes come with private pools, gardens, outdoor barbecue area and parking space. Some have separate swimming area and playground for kids. Impeccably decorated with stylish furnishing, the spacious villas of Tossa de Mar are the perfect luxurious retreats for couples and families.

Tossa de Mar is dotted with apartments that can be rented for vacations. From studio apartments to large three to four-bedroom apartments, different types of apartment rentals are available in the Costa Brava resort. The furnished accommodations with air-conditioned bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, freezer and laundry machine are as comfortable as a modern home. The rent tends to soar during the summer months, the peak tourist season in Costa Brava. Some of them even offer attractive discounts. However, the exact rent is determined by the quality of facilities. A number of plush apartments offer shared facilities including swimming pool and parking lot.

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Cheap Family Vacations in Spain

If you are contemplating a cheap family vacation in one of the most picturesque regions of the world, you will love to visit Spain. The country is dotted with budget hotels and bed and breakfast inns. If you take the trouble to book early, you can even avail accommodation for your family in popular resorts at a discounted rate. You can also expect great deals by visiting the country before its gets crowded with tourists. There are plenty of ways of reducing your travel budget.

However, a cheap family vacation in Spain does not mean that your family will be deprived of the best things in Spain. Although you may not indulge in the luxuries of paradors, nonetheless, with recreational opportunities for families aplenty, you will be assured of a pleasurable vacation in Spain. A number of reputed tour operators also offer budget holiday packages that will help you to explore some of the prominent areas of this fascinating country without breaking the bank. The most popular affordable holiday packages contain trip to one of the idyllic beaches of the country with sightseeing tours to historic cities of the region.

Popular Destinations for Cheap Family Vacation

Benidorm is a popular holiday destination for beach holidays for families. It is home to some of the best family friendly beaches of Costa Blanca. With abundant sunshine, Benidorm is a year round destination.

Lanzarote, the easternmost island of the Canary archipelago, is another popular destination for affordable family vacations in Spain. With panoramic view of the Atlantic, the beaches are ideal for family activities. There are a number of family friendly beaches on the island where the sea is shallow and the water current is mild. You may even learn surfing in one of the surfing schools of the island.

The largest of the Canary Islands is also one of the most attractive islands of Spain. It boasts of breathtakingly beautiful volcanic landscape covered with lush vegetation. Dotted with several family friendly beaches, children love visiting this stunning island. There is a nature reserve and a zoo.

Near Benidorm, Albir is a popular affordable holiday destination for families. Its lively beach is safe for families with children. Moreover, the beach tend to be less crowded than the more popular Costa Blanca beaches, hence, offering larger space for children to play.

This low-key Balearic Island is a popular destination for affordable family vacations in the Mediterranean. Its beaches are ideal for enjoying the warmth of the sun.

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Cheap Holiday Villas in Spain

Renting a holiday villa is a luxury that can be afforded by most visitors to Spain. Dotted with holiday homes, villa rentals are usually affordable in the popular tourist destinations of Spain.

However, a cheap holiday villa does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise with quality. A villa can be cheap due to several reasons. The villa rentals tend to fall during the low tourist season. They may decrease when economic downturn forces travelers to curb their spending on lodging. To attract guests, even the upscale holiday villas offer attractive discounts. The location of a villa may also determine its rental. Villas close to popular tourist areas tend to charge higher rents than villas located away from the touristy areas. The rent of a beachfront villa is usually higher than villas nestled inland.

Where to find cheap holiday villas

Costa del Sol
The southern coast of Spain is a popular tourist destination. Costa del Sol, the sunny coast of Spain, is home to a number of cheap holiday villas. Villas in the quiet fishing villages and in the towns are usually affordable. If you are searching for a budget accommodation, opt for a villa without a swimming pool. If you are lucky enough, you may also get a villa with an unheated swimming pool at a reasonable rent.

Costa Blanca
Renowned for its spectacular landscape, Costa Blanca is one of the most visited coastal regions of Spain. With villas concentrated on the coast, affordable villa rentals are easily available in Costa Blanca. A number of quality self-catering accommodations are available in Javea, Benidorm, Calp, Santa Pola, Elche and Alicante.

Costa Brava
The wild coast of Spain, nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, is a popular travel destination. A short distance from the beaches, there are a number of affordable villas. Several cozy traditional Spanish farmhouses equipped with modern amenities in the fishing villages and towns have been converted into holiday homes. You may choose one of these villas as your affordable self-catering accommodation in Costa Brava. Quality villas are easily available in Tossa de Mar, L’Escala, Cadaques, Roses or Pals.

Around the city of Barcelona, away from its affluent quarters, affordable holiday villas are available in the rural towns and villages in the province of Barcelona. A short distance from the beaches and town centres, these villas are peaceful retreats in the rusting settings of the Catalonian countryside.

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Cheap Holidays in Santa Susanna Resort

About 60 km from Barcelona, Santa Susanna is one of the newest properties in Costa Brava. The scenic coastal village is currently a prominent holiday resort, a popular destination for an affordable beach holiday.

Flanked by the sea and mountains, the resort is about 40 minutes drive from the Girona airport. This all-inclusive 3-star hotel resort is aptly suited for leisure pursuits for families and couples.

Accommodation in Santa Susanna Resort
Santa Susanna is a 215-room hotel. The guest rooms occupying the five floors of the hotel come with balconies from where you will enjoy a stunning view of the resort and the surrounding landscape. The spacious rooms are equipped with contemporary facilities including satellite television, telephone, fully equipped bathroom and non-smoking facilities. Mini-fridge and safety deposit box is available at extra charge. The double or twin rooms of the resort can accommodate a family comprising of two adults and two kids.

The all-inclusive hotel offers a wide range of leisure and recreational amenities. Its restaurant tantalizes the taste buds of epicureans with a wide range of delicious foods. From international cuisines to local seafood delicacies, gourmands will be spoiled for choice. The restaurant serves buffet meals including hot and cold breakfasts, lunch and dinner. A special buffet for children is also available during the peak tourist season. There is a poolside snack bar where you can sample fresh sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs prepared right in front of you by the resort’s chefs.

Unwind with a refreshing local drink in the bar. There is also a disco-bar where you can dance, enjoy a drink and participate in quiz shows. You can swim in the outdoor pool or lounge in the sun on the poolside with a refreshing drink. The pool area is a popular relaxation venue for families. There is a separate children area in the pool where kids can paddle and swim in the shallow water. Games, water activities, excursions and other entertainment activities are organized for adults and children. The resort also has a laundry room and internet corner. The souvenir shop of the hotel is packed with souvenirs, postcards and other personal items.

Outdoor activities
Santa Susanna is only 10 minutes walk from the beach. The clean golden sandy beach and the clear turquoise water draw guests of the resort to the idyllic Santa Brava coast. The hotel runs a free bus service that transports guests to the towns and villages in the neighborhood of the resort.

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Time at the valencian comunnity

Spain is a country with several regions. One of the greatest is the valencain community which has the city of Valencia as its capital. It has three provinces namely Valencia, Alicante and castellon. All the provinces are great in their own way and are great choices if you are looking for a holiday destination.

The valencian community is an autonomous region and is a good example of Mediterranean Spain. The climate is great and the coastal regions are also in great numbers. It therefore makes one of the most famous places for tourist activities in the whole of Spain.

This is a region where it is not only about the sand and sun. There are some remnants of some emote civilizations. The area tells of the history of the Romans, as well as Phoenicians amongst others. In agriculture and artisanry, the influence of the moors is greatly displayed.

The region’s capital is Valencia. The gothic period still has some outstanding works that are still standing to date. Most of the popular landmarks include La Lonja among others.

Valencia is quite outstanding and is a big city in comparison with others within the country. It is also quite lively. Its peak period is over summer when many people chose it as a destination to enjoy themselves and also enjoy the fair climate. There are many other activities that you may engage in while in this region and all will be greatly rewarding. It is also an excellent place to enjoy the amazing nightlife.

Valencia is also quite dynamic city. This is because there are many trade fairs that take place in the region. It still has new constructions which portray modern architectural works. Valencia has since become almost celebrated destination offering a lot to all that visit the region for holiday.

When it comes to the physical nourishment, we all think about food at some point in the day. Valencia is the perfect place to try paella. It actually has its roots here and you will greatly enjoy it.

While in Valencia, there are a lot of festivals as well as fiestas that you can take part in as some were actually born here.  Still in the valencian community is costa blanca. It is an area where beach areas are at their best. The landscapes are unbelievably beautiful and there are also some palm groves as well as naturally reserved parks and wetlands.

The costa blanca enjoys great weather conditions. The temperature on average is 17 degrees annually. These areas therefore are perfect for different kinds of holidays.

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Traveling Within Spain By Bicycle, Taxi And Thumb

Spain is among the leading countries in tourism in the world. It receives a fair share of tourists each year and is very popular in the sector. Spain is very diverse and tours here are enjoying to a great extent. While in the country, there are many options that are available to you with regard to travel and it is easy to choose a mode that will be most suitable for you.

While in Spain, you can choose to travel on bicycle. In the city, you will be able to see so many cyclists which will tell you that Spain is a perfect place to cycle. In large and mid-sized cities, there are even cycling lanes. Spain is very mountainous thus creating scenery that is totally beautiful. You will be able to spot hills and mountains from coast to coast while in the country. You can also take part in a cycling holiday so you can enjoy travelling in a group.

Cycling holidays in Spain are very popular and if you are into this kind of thing, you should try out a cycling package as it will be quite rewarding. Normally you will be provided with route notes, and comprehensive maps.

The major Spanish cities have taxi services that are very convenient. Apart from this, it is important to note that the taxis are quite expensive when compared to other options. Compared to other countries such as Japan and the UK, we can say that the taxis in Spain are fairly priced. Most of the drivers are not conversant with foreign languages and even English so be armed with the name of all the places you want to go to if you are going to travel by taxi. You may also need to have the names written down. The hotel’s business card may come in handy in case you are lost.

If you love hitch hiking, you may opt for other means while in Spain as it is not a very good place for that. In some cases, you may have to remain in wait for hours before you get picked up. To have better chances, speak to people at parking lots and gas stations so as to increase your chances. Spaniards are generally very suspicious people and will not expressly accept a stranger to ride with them. Hitch hiking is quite common in areas such as Alpujarras and southern Spain. To better your chances, get to know a little Spanish and try to look decent and clean. In this way you may be able to get someone to trust you pretty fast.

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Understanding Beautiful Iberian Peninsula In Spain

Located on the Iberian Peninsula is the beautiful country of Spain. It is a land so diverse that it receives millions of tourists every year who come in to see all that the country has to offer. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal. Spain ranks second when it comes to the number of heritage sites found within its borders but is first when it comes to world heritage cities.

Spain is a very exotic country maybe because of the inhabitants who are very friendly and enjoy a relaxed and lay back lifestyle. The cuisine in Spain is something to look forward to and so is the vibrant nightlife, festivals and folklore. There are many places to visit while in Spain chief among them being Madrid which is the capital city, Barcelona, Andalusia region, Granada, Seville, way of st. James, the canary islands and Balearic islands. All these and more are places you should really consider visiting even once in a lifetime.

Spain is a great place to go for any kind of trip bearing in mind that it has a vibrant nightlife, great beaches, historic cities, as well as great cultural regions. It is also a country that enjoys great geographical diversity and will greatly surprise all who only know the beach side of the region.

In Spain, you can expect to see snowy mountains, lush meadows, marshes and even deserts in some parts of the country. Summer is the time of year when Spain receives most of her visitors and for those who do not want to be crowded places, the winter attractions are a great alternative. You may choose between Granada and Cordoba which are both great destinations.

Spain is a great nation and once was a global empire. It had territories in south, central and North America, Asia, as well as Africa. Civil war has since been overcome in the region and the country stands proud and concentrates on itself.

To date, Spain has a lot of attachment to the neighbors on the Iberian Peninsula i.e. Andorra as well as Portugal. Spain also has attachments to former colonies, Sephardic Jews as well as all former citizens of the country including their descendants. For all those who have attachments with Spain, it is quite easy to get citizenship at a faster rate than other individuals.

For citizens from other countries, citizenship may be acquired after residing in Spain after a total of 10 years. It is therefore apparent that Spain is an open country that is quite friendly to all who want to be a part of it.

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Major Attractions In Castilla Y Leon

The area of Castilla Y Leon is one that attracts its share of tourists every year. It occupies a large area of land and has so many natural and historic features that the region is a paradise of sorts. It is a place where you can create memories that will last for an entire lifetime and you will even find yourself wanting to come back for more of the region. The area has great food that is characterized by the great meat that comes from this region. There are also many kinds of vegetables as well as creamy beans. Celebrations showcased here tell us how deep the culture and folklore really are and the artisanry is well known among all the other Spaniards and even some internationals.

Attractions in this region include cities. These have the most important features to help you appreciate the region even more. One of the cities is Salamanca. Historically, the city holds a lot of importance. The university here has made the region all the more popular especially bearing in mind that it is the oldest in the entire Europe continent. The city is beautiful and the cultural heritage is also something that can inspire you.

In Segovia, there is a monument that is related to the Romans which is the aqueduct. It is the dominant feature in the entire city and something that is not to be missed by anyone who visits this region. Other major attractions are the cathedral and Alquezar.

The town of Avila is historic in its own right. The walls that enclose it are Romanesque. Burgos is yet another town that you should visit. The cathedral situated here is very famous. It is made in the style referred to as Gothic. It is an attraction that is more beautiful and outstanding than many other areas in the town.

Leon is another city famed for monuments like cathedrals, churches as well as frescoes belonging to the Romans. Las Medullas is close to this area and you may choose to visit it while here.

The medieval town of Zamora is a must visit too. Here, there is a cathedral with some popular churches. There is also a church and Spain’s largest lake that actually has a glacial origin. It is a place where history and culture come alive and blend into something that is amazing.

Valladolid is a museum for sculptures. The processions over Easter are also quite incredible. There are many castles here. At river Duero, Soria is a region to look out for to see the Romanesque churches.

Palencia too has great monuments. All these towns and cities are worth your time.

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More Attractions To Pamplona

Pamplona has always been popular especially because of the bullfights which take place in the area. There is a lot to see and do while in the region. The town is located in Navarra and has been in existence for many years. It is a place where you get to witness unique culture and traditions like no other place in Spain. The times that are spent in this region actually help one to have a time of his life enjoying the ancient monuments as well as the modern characteristics that are common here.

Pamplona is home to many park areas where nature is well preserved. It is also near a river which gives the area the supply of water that it needs. Pamplona is a place where you will get to see everything at its very best and where times will be greatly enjoyed. The bullfights are outstanding and original and are worth your time. If you do happen to be in the region in July, do not miss out on the san Fermines that is held annually.

Previously, Pamplona was made up of some fortified towns that were three in number. They were called Burgos. These three towns were at war from time to time until the then king of the Navarra region saw it best to bring them together. That was in 1423 and the king was Charles III.

Churches that were in all the towns were and are still conserved for explorative purposes in Pamplona. Some of the churches include Santo Domingo, San Cenin as well as San Nicolas.

The town hall is very interesting. It is situated on a plaza called Burgos. The facade is Baroque and it is a monument that is very characteristic in Pamplona. The San Saturnino church is also quite outstanding and of great interest in the area.

A hospital dating to the 15th century is today used as a museum and has a portal that is plateresque and totally beautiful. 

The archaeological remains displayed in the museum date to the period called Neolithic as well as the Goth aeon. The paintings here are gothic and there is a casket from the Moorish era dating back to the 11th century. The works of Goya are also worth a tour while here.

La Taconera is where you find the park called Tacoren that has monuments from personalities that are quite popular. The San Lorenzo church is of great interest. The citadel that was built over the 16th century is also worth some time. The interior gardens are beautiful and exhibitions here are amazing. All the areas will leave you awed.

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Murcia And Her Attractions

The region is fondly referred to as Europe’s garden of vegetables. This is because it has very fertile land, specifically at the Segura river banks. The surrounding landscapes are very fertile and host a great number of vegetable as well as fruit plantations, thus the name. Spices as well as the vegetables that are produced in large quantities in this area are exported to many areas in the European continent and even beyond.

For those of us who are vegetarians, it is an area where we will have a great feast as many dishes comprise mainly of vegetables like the stew called pisto, dishes of rice and beans with vegetables as well as an  omelets called zarangolo which comprises of onions as well as zucchini. There are fish and meat dishes too for those of us who are not vegetarians.

The city is old as it was established back in 831 by a ruler called Abd the second who was Moorish. It gained a lot of importance. The wall of the city was some 15 meters in height and there were 95 towers in total. You can still see remnants of this from one place to the next within the city.

There are many attractions found within and all are worth a visit. The very first is the cathedral which is made with elements of the Baroque, gothic as well as the renaissance era. A palace called Archiepiscopal is within the very same square where the cathedral is located so it will be like killing two birds with one stone. This you should not miss while in the region.

There is also the Real Casino that dates to the 19th century. Here you will find works that are totally modern and the courtyards and halls are something to witness. The patio Arabe is singularly outstanding. The inspiration for this great work was Alcazar and Alhambra in Seville and Granada respectively. There is also Patio Pompeyano which originated from palaces popular with Romans in ancient times.

The neoclassical Theater Romeo is very elegant and modern. The stones are grey and pink and totally chic. It is quite important in Spain. A museum called Salzillo is a great dedication to a sculptor called Francisco Salzillo and has religious baroque works of art.

At Promenade Paseo, one can take in the very beautiful surroundings in the area. The landscapes are unbelievably amazing and breathtaking. If you want to witness contemporary architecture, then consider the bridges that were the works of Santiago Calatrava. Both are magnificent.

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